Our Current Rescue Kids Photos #3


Sylvie is Josie's sister. A very timid, small cat. Her face is a little lopsided where it had to be put back together after what the vet thinks someone hit her with a blunt instrument.

Sylvie has passed on.

Timmie is my three legged "kid". I caught him after three days of
nerve-wracking chasing this tiny kitten with a bad limp. Finally borrowed a safe trap and baited it with tuna. That night I caught him and discovered one of his hind feet was missing. The vet had to amputate to the hip. He's 5 now and gets along just fine (with a little help from Mom (me).

Jasmine came in as a baby and is completely neurotic. She lives on top of the kitchen cabinets, hanging over the edge glaring at anyone who dares come near HER cabinets. Ever since a baby she's had to come and check on me at about 3:00 AM to make sure I was still breathing. She'll look in my face, meow and I swear she's got a little mirror to check for breath, then when she's sure I'm still alive she goes back up to her cabinets.

Jasmine passed on at the age of 14.


Brandywyne  passed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 15. She's pictured here after surgery for a dislocated ankle. As a puppy she was the only survivor of a parvo epidemic, later in life had to have a toe

amputated and the vet thought she had Von Willibrands. Through it all she was always smiling as you can see by her picture and she is terribly missed

This is the latest "child".  His name is Ranger because he was found under a Ford Ranger truck in the middle of a rainstorm, inches away from road construction.  You can see he wasn't in such good shape when he was found, about 3 weeks old and sickly.  The second picture is a  little while later after a lot of TLC.

The third picture is the big black panthie (as he likes to be thought of) at 11 months.  Ranger passed on at a little over a year old and he is terribly missed.

Summer ('07)

Hadn't had a baby kitten for a long while till this little girl.  Was in front of my house when a van came town my street and threw her out the window
in the middle of the street.  Running out like a mad person stopping traffic enabled her to run into a neighbors yard where I retrieved
her, shaking and terrified but miraculously unhurt.  All went well coming back to the house till we hit the door and she saw the dogs
whereupon she bit through my finger and gave me me nasty scratches but who could blame her after that ordeal.  She's now
a feisty little lady with the fluffiest tail you ever saw and has settled down into the "family"


Here she is now at 3 years old... still beautiful.. still feisty.

Tigger (2/08)

Another throw away.  This little guy, about 4 weeks old has a pair of lungs on him. I heard him screaming from under a shed at the
neighbors house across the street.  Didn't know what cat food was or how to eat out of a dish and took two days to finally
capture him.  He's just graduated from eating from fingers to eating from a spoon.  He has his own room at present and his own
little house (carrier) but watches TV with the "family" at night and his favorite pastime is charging one of the dogs, stopping
short and spitting at them.  So far they have just considered him amusing as he is about the size of my big dog, Max's foot.

Here he is at 2 years old.

Seems like a new child wanders in every 2 years.  This is Simon.  he's about 4 months I'd guess.  He was just sitting on my front walk waiting for me to come and find him.  Ran right up to me and moved right in. He's really a sweetheart.


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