About the Artist


Dragonlite Studio offers it's clientele quality paintings and custom hand painted mailboxes at reasonable prices.

Dia is a professional artist and owner of Dragonlite Studio and lives in South Florida with her "rescue" family. I  have sold paintings all over the US and Canada, have paintings purchased to hang in a NY gallery, was a featured artist on Art Epiphany and  was juried as a professional artist worthy of being accepted into EBSQ Plus. ( Clicking on the logo will take you to the EBSQ website).  I also teach acrylic painting classes.

I also do commission work if there is something that  you wish custom made for you, along with realistic pet portraits to honor your beloved pet or pay tribute as a memorial.

I am also involved in animal rescue and proceeds from sales go to maintaining abused, abandoned and "special needs" animals under our care.  A purchase from us will not only grace your home with beauty for many years to come but will help support an animal in need.






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