Our Rescue Kids Photo Page #2


JJ came in as an orphaned kitten, as you can see very photogenic. She's my alarm clock waking me up at 7:30 AM every morning.

I lost her on Feb 2, 2005.  She's very much missed.  She would walk with Cara and I when I went to visit a neighbor and then wait till we came back and walk us home.  People would stop and watch, a dog and cat walking in tandem.

Rest well little girl, you were loved and are much missed.

Josie (rear) was one of 4 orphaned kittens. Picture shows her with her brother Joey who has passed on.

Katie is the Queen. She came in as a 3 week old orphan found wandering on a busy street. Very stubborn and outspoken but sleeps holding paws with me.

Syam is my next to the youngest; looks something like an Egyptian Mau. He came here as a tiny baby all cut up and scarred and frankly very ugly. You can see how beautiful he is, long and lanky and well muscled. He also is one of the protectors that keep away things that go bump in the night.

Sy passed on in 2010 of inoperable ear tumors.

If Oliver was human, he'd be a very proper Englishman. I woke up one morning and he's sitting in the kitchen like he's always been there. Walked over to me put his front paw out and bowed and looked at me as tho to say "when's breakfast." He also loves the dogs, insists on helping me bathe them.

Pseudeus  is an only survivor of a dog attack. Three dogs killed her mother, brothers, sisters, aunt and her kittens. She was found trying to find something to eat, her little eyes glued shut with infection. As a baby she loved to retrieve, something she taught herself.

Pseudie lost a battle with respiratory illness in 2006.

Noni is the oldest, a left over from a pet store. She's about 18 now and pretty senile, sometimes forgetting where she is or what she was doing. She was one of my "protectors" being sure she protected me from things that go bump in the night.

Noni died Feb. 11, 2004, at the age of 19.   She died like she wanted to, after a good breakfast laying in the warm sun in her own yard surrounded by her "family".  She's buried under a beautiful mango tree.


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