Our Current Rescue Kids Photos #1

Cara is a ridgeless Ridgeback found wandering on a major street at about 8 weeks. Timid and very gentle, but has continuing chronic, sometimes severe skin problems since puppyhood.  She also had crippling mobility problems in her hind legs as a baby and took months of intensive physical therapy including borrowing my neighbor's pool to swim her every day for her to even walk properly.  She still cannot jump but trots along happily for our daily walks.

Katrina was found on a canal bank being abused and kicked. She's timid  ( great watchdog backing up as she barks) but a loving, feisty (with her brothers and sisters) little dog, part Chow (black tongue) and weighs in at about 35 lbs.

Ruff is about 11 now. He was found tied to an abandoned warehouse and left to die. Part Border Collie, he's been a handful, seems to have some psychological problems but he's happy here and will be a resident until he crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.

Ruff passed in 2009.  He was full grown when he came  here so I don't know  how old he was but he lived with us for a good 14 years.

Honey is a yellow lab mix. She was thrown out of a car when she was about 8 weeks old, has a permanently deformed front foot.

Honey passed Nov 2010 of inoperable tumors.  I hope she and Ruff are happy and playing together wherever they are now.


Max is a black Lab mix. He found me on a July 4th night. Was going to the next street to watch fireworks when this big black dog walked up to me, stood on his hind legs, front legs on my shoulders and looked at me nose to nose. After my heart started beating again and I realized he wasn't going to tear my throat out, we watched the fireworks together, he followed me home, walked right in like he has always lived here, said hi to the other "kids" and here he stayed. He knew he had a sucker. He now tips the scales at 96 lbs and is a gentle loving giant.



Tassiter and Disco are both the same age, about 20 now. Tassie is a Molluccan cockatoo who is a chronic feather picker who loves nothing more than being loved and cuddled. Disco is a blue and gold macaw who was found in a wholesalers calling for her owner who had broken her wing and abandoned her. She's been sickly most of her life but a wonderful bird with a real sense of humor.

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