Below are samples of work that have been commissioned from me, of a beloved pet, some are memorials.
Please contact me if you wish to have a painting of one of your animals.  Good quality, preferably head shots are the best, showing as much detail as possible. All work is subject to approval before final purchase, work not purchased will be sold.  Approximate size of paintings is 8 x 10 or 9 x 12,( larger sizes available)  painted with acrylic and sealed with professional non yellowing artist's varnish.


Photos are small to make faster loading, please click on picture to see larger photo and use back button to return to page.



22 X 28 Heavily textured background " Aztec Hyacinth"

22 x 28 Textured Background "Laura's Coat of Arms"

16 x20 "HawaiianHyacinth"


2 -16 x 20 "Hy Watchers"

9 x 12

Tracey's ferret, Rickie



16 x 20 Magic and Gossip

9 x 12
Laura and Shogun


Eve and Grace




9 x 12
Katie and Chopper


Tinkerbell painted on a rock


Chica and Pepper

Esmeralda and Loki

Magic and Rocky

Roger, Marco, Oliver


Cara and Gossip


The preceding macaw paintings are panels of an expandable wall mural.






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